Impression No. 47 Original


A rarely available 2021 original from the "Impressions" series. 18 x 24". Charcoal and gouache on paper. Framed in a hand-made, gallery depth oak wood frame.

Zach Krasner is an emerging contemporary figure artist. Working primarily in charcoal and oil paint, he's best known for his solitary figures, most notably his "Impression" charcoal series. Krasner's art is a study of contrasts. The black and white series finds its intrigue in the grey, skillfully blending classical portraits with loose, gestural figure study. The expressive works showcase his play of light and dark, using bold marks and delicate textures to create a quiet sense of solitude, yet presence. Krasner's art, raw and ephemerally rendered, strikes with a profound simplicity, declaring, “Here we are—unfinished but complete.”